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We are home and have wrapped up our 2016 RV trip. We covered about 6000 miles in about 23 days. This is our seventh year of doing trips like this.  Hunter was 12 years old when we began this adventure and he is now 18. I fear that this may be the last big trip that he does with us for the foreseeable future. Next summer will bring internships, studying for the MCAT exam for medical school, and other adult responsibilities.  The year after that will mark the start of medical school.  I am hopeful that he will be able to join us for some shorter and more local trips, but 2016 may be the end of his cross country adventures for a while.  It makes me very sad to think about that, however I am also so thankful for the time we shared camping together for the past 6 years.  Spending three weeks in very close quarters with your family sparks some very insightful and provocative conversations that just don’t take place at home.  Hunter is being sent into the world with life experiences that most adults have never had. I am proud of giving him that gift and I am especially proud of the man that he has become as a result.

Colby is fourteen, and will now replace his older brother in the passenger seat as the navigator, campground finder, joke teller, and sounding board for the driver.  I look forward to this. The driver and navigator are in their own little bubble up front .  So many hours of conversations, life reflections, ideas and insights are hatched from the front of the RV,  while those at the rear surf the internet, sleep or do whatever leisurely things that passengers do.  No doubt that Colby and I will talk for days about what he wants out of life, where he wants to go to College and what his plans are to achieve his goals.  Hunter and I did this for years and it is now Colby’s turn to share his ambitions with his Dad. Of course these conversations happen at home too, but they are never as in depth as in the cockpit of the RV.

The  2016 Cross Country RV Trip was another awesome adventure.  Things will certainly change from here on out for a while. In addition to my new navigator, we will be switching our focus from the West to the Northeast and Canada.  We intentionally saved our own backyard (The Northeast)  for this stage in our lives. Stayed tuned for more RV adventures to come.


Happy Trails