6Hello and welcome to crosscountryrvtravels.com.  I am a Dad, a camper, an adventurer, and a writer. I am blessed to be able to combine all of these passions into this website. First off, I should warn potential readers of what they can expect from this blog.  My reviews of the places that we go are honest. I don’t candy coat our experiences.  You will read about my family and I driving hundreds if not thousands of miles to a destination that was a complete letdown.  You will also hear about unknown places that I list as a “must see” . I will always tell it like I see it.  One of the acronyms that you may see on my site is YEMV. This means that Your Experiences May Vary.  Some people may love places that I don’t . Some people will travel at different times of the year which will change the whole feel of the places that we visit. What I present is what we experienced while we were there from my point of view.

We have been been camping for many years and doing cross country RV trips for the past 6 years logging over 35,000 miles and covering 45 states. Along the way, I have blogged about each and every stop what we have taken.  Some have been great and some not so great. My goal is to educate3.1342567663.9-jpg future travelers so that you can make informed choices of your own. For me, there was a huge learning curve to get to the point that I am at now. Hopefully this blog will reduce that learning curve for my readers.

Making the decision to do a cross country RV trip is not to be taken lightly.  Most of us have time and budget constraints. Learn from my experience, avoid some of my mistakes and you will make the most of your money and your time!

Happy Trails