We really had no idea what to expect from this place. I usually do my homework about all of our stops, but life has been busy the last few months and time was tight. This park is kind of in the middle of nowhere straddling Ontario and Montreal. Our first impression was that this place was huge. I am confident that there are a few states that are smaller than this one park. As has been our experience with other Canadian National Parks, there are a lot places to dine, shop and rent cabins. However unlike other parks like , Banff it was not overwhelming. Since this place is so huge there was no need to pack everything into one Disney like town square. Everything is spread out and you never felt on top of other people.

We stayed at the lake of two river campground which is one of the largest in the park, yet we never felt crowded. The sites were big and wide and everyone was very friendly. The couple next to us was on holiday from the United Kingdom. There were also a lot of German tourists which is sort of typical for much our of travels. On our last night at Letchworth we met a Swiss couple driving a very cool unimog. We spent some time chatting with them and learned that they shipped their RV to Bolivia and made their way up stopping in almost every country in South and Central America. They had been on the road for 6 years! I am never one to be fearful of my surroundings, but I had to ask them how they felt about their security. They laughed a little and said that everyone asks them that question. They answered that it was pretty much a non issue, which was exactly what I wanted to hear. It seems to me that when people are fearful of things it is usually due to lack of experience. Six months ago, I walked into Mexico with my two boys for a day trip. I can’t tell you how many people thought that I was crazy. Three weeks ago I was in Florida and encountered a man and we were talking about our camping travels, the first thing he wanted to know was did I travel with a gun. No, I don’t travel with a gun. There is no need for a gun. I believe that people are good. Sure there are places where you need to be more aware than others, but don’t be a dumbass and you will be fine. These folks were from Switzerland, did not speak Spanish and had spent years RVing through South and Central America with no issues. It was inspiring to hear. I hope to tell a tale like this someday.

Back to Algonquin. This is a beautiful place. There seems to be a lake or river every mile or so. We are planning some bike riding , hiking and kayaking over the next few days. We scored a great site right on the lake. As usual the fishing is not great, but that is probably because we suck at it.

Awesome hike to a beaver Dam holding back an entire lake!

After a couple of days here, I have to revise my review. The bugs here were so bad that we felt trapped in the RV.

Yes. That dude has full mosquito pants over his full length pants. The skeeters were that bad!

Two of the 74 bites that Kristi had.

The staff said that there have not been this many mosquitoes in 30 years. Kristi was living off Benadryl and I had probably 20% of the blood sucked from my body. I however did not complain, With so much less blood, a good buzz was easy to find with only a few beers. Speaking of Beer, Canadians not only have terrible taste in Beer, but they charge ridiculous prices for the privilege of drinking beer flavored water. A case of Budweiser costs about $40! I am a beer snob and and only like the good stuff. Unfortunately craft brew are words that Canadians don’t comprehend. If it ain’t Molson, Bud, or Miller they don’t sell it. By the end of our time in Ontario, I was starting to shake, but at least I did not give in to that overpriced swill!

Call me racist, but I really enjoy watching Asians take pictures!


Poutine. That national food of Canada. French fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy. Yes Please!!!