On our way to Custer State Park this morning, we decided to make a couple of stops. We were a bit ahead of schedule and I figured that I would kick myself if we did not make a quick stop at Badlands National Park. In addition to a quick trip through badlands, we also stop at the Minuteman Missle Launch Center National Landmark. During the cold war years, the prarie was covered in nuclear Missle sites burried deep underground. It ws not until the early 90’s that these sites came offline and the nuclear weapons were decommissioned. The tour included a overview of the launch facilities and educated us a little bit about what it actually took to start thermonuclear armageddon. It was a sobering tour, but important for the kids to see. One particular stat stands out. Each of the thousands of missiles in the area carried a payload more powerful than all the bombs and munitions fired during WWII. War is a terrible thing! Fear is worse however because it gives rise to war.