If you have been reading this blog for a while, you already know that I build into our plans lot’s of flexible time that I call “fluff time” . Our original route was this. We flew into San Diego (where Roxie has resided for the past year)  and almost immediately headed to Northern California, Oregon and Washington. From there we scheduled some time in Idaho. We were going to put Roxie into storage in Idaho and fly home. However, since we had some much time left of our unused fluff time, we mad a radical change in plans. After a day in Leavenworth Washington which is very cool Bavarian themed town in Washington

Leavingworth Washington Front Street with Wenatchee Moutains in background

and 2 days of discussions, we decided to add another 2700 miles onto our trip and take the old girl home to Long Island. We usually fly on Southwest Airlines and one of the reasons is that we can cancel tickets at no charge. We took advantage of this policy and pointed Roxie East. As I write this I am sitting at a Mikesell ‘ Potts Recreation area which is a gorgeous campground in Wyoming. We are on a lake and almost all alone in the wilderness. All at the cost of $12 per night.   We went swimming and grilled after a long day on the road. This is a great stop for those traveling I90.  Yesterday we stopped in Montana at Beavertail Campground which also provided some nice relief from a day on the road.20160726_15293420160726_171152

Colby the Crow Whisperer


Colby The Crow Whisperer


Tomorrow we head to Custer State Park where we have been before, but absolutely love.