bodie Who could pass up the opportunity to see the largest and most  well preserved Ghost Town in America? Not this guy!  It turns out that the Bodie Ghost town was just 15 miles or so from our second campsite at Paradise Shores RV park in Mono County.  It is a 13 mile road from the highway to get to the site. The first 10 miles or so were paved perfectly and then the road abruptly went to hell. The next three miles was a washboard of dust and bumps. I honestly believe that it was to give visitors a more realistic approach to the site and I can appreciate that.  First laying eyes on the site, I was immediately impressed by the size and scale of the place.  This was a whole town complete with a huge gold processing facility, hotels, saloons, houses of ill repute, and many homes and stores. IMG_9215 The park allows visitors to enter certain building that seem more sturdy, but most are closed of for the sake of safety.  Many however have the doors open so that you can peer inside.  This was a gold mining town that went bust. Over 100 million dollars in gold was taken before the well dried up. I can only imagine what went on in this town of mostly men with too much money in their pockets to be up to anything good. Did I mention the houses of ill repute and the saloons?  Anyway, we all had a great time checking it out. Enjoy the pics. bodieIMG_9227bodieIMG_9208IMG_9225