After two days of hard driving from Breckenridge, Colorado, we decided to throw in one last hurrah for the family to enjoy.  Cedar Point Amusement park has the largest collection of extreme rides on the planet. Right up my families alley!  Located on the shore of Lake Erie in Sandusky Ohio, this stop was scenic, thrilling and not too far off our route. We found a campground operated by the park, and made camp for the night under one of the massive wood roller coasters. The next morning, Kristi and the boys made sure that they were the first through the gates at 9 AM. I hung back at the camper and took care of some maintenance and assorted Daddy duties. Apparently Kristi did not pay too much attention to what lines that they were getting on and started the day out on one of the most extreme roller coasters in the world. Millennium force is a roller coaster that drops you from 310 feet at an 80 degree angle and accelerates you to 93 MPH!!!  Needless to say, Colby once again was not a happy camper. Kristi said that he was ghostly white and his “oh shi…” expression remained constant throughout the 2 minute ride.

top thrill dragster

The forces were so great on this coaster that Kristi’s cell phone was ripped from her shorts pocket and deposited 200 feet below on Terra Firma. So much for that phone. I joined the family around noon and we closed the park down around 10PM. Hunter and I did the more extreme rides that the park offered while Kristi and Colby took it a little easier after the morning’s roller coaster mix up. Hunter talked me into going for a ride on a coaster named Top Thrill Dragster. Being a speed junky, I was pumped. This ridiculous machine propels you from 0-123 MPH in 3.5 seconds and then sends you over 400 feet straight up and back down. Even for me this ride was just stupid. You simply don’t get the privilege of breathing for the first 30 seconds. All the begging in the world was not getting me back on that thing. It was a very long hot day, but the kids loved it. It was a great ending to a great series of adventures.