After spending two days in a commercial campground in the Wisconsin Dells, we decided that we loved the area but hated the campground.  It served us well as it was a great package deal for camping and waterpark tickets for the whole family, but the scenery sucked.  We decided to move on to a state park that I had heard about from my mentor Lolo. Who is Lolo you ask? Well Lolo is a woman who is the blog queen of cross country RV travel. She documented 10 years of cross country RV trips with her family from the time the kids were young until well after they were in college. She gave great travel suggestions and documented each place that she stayed so well, that I consider her a mentor. It was her blog that motivated and encouraged me to start these trips with my own family. If you are interested in cross country camping, I encourage you to check out her website.


Anyway, Devils lake has been great. Hunter and Colby went Kayaking today and we all took a nice refreshing swim in the lake which was uber warm. Colby also lost another tooth toady after much pulling and crying he finally wiggled it out. (see pics)Tomorrow we will do some hiking in the area and stock up on some of that famous Wisconsin Cheese before we make our final push towards home.  This place has been a nice surprise and a great way to end the trip.