579875hukWe are really moving now. I don’t like being a stop and go tourist, but we are running out of time and have a lot of miles to cover.  This is however not going to stop us from seeing some cool things along the way. On other trips we have passed by Devil’s Tower, but never had the time to stop.  This time we were going to find the time. Devil’s Tower is a 1000 foot tall granite spire. It was made famous by the Movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  This is definitely more of a stop over than a destination, but either way it was worth the ride.  The giant rock monolith is something that can’t be appreciated in pictures, but in person it it pretty amazing.  If you are ever in the Black Hills of South Dakota, I recommend stopping in. Devils-Tower-National-Monument

Our next stop was  Custer State Park in South Dakota. This is not your typical state park. Everything about this park is very thought out. The roads are placed not to provide ease of access, but to ensure the most scenic passage possible. Roadside trees are kept trimmed not to impede views of meadows where the wildlife gather. If Walt Disney had ever tried his hand at civil engineering this is what his work would have looked like. I don’t want you to get the idea that this place is completely manufactured, because it is not. It is however enhanced for the better. The wildlife is natural. The granite spires were all God’s work. The pine trees, steams, and rolling hills all were here long before former Governor Peter Norbreck designed the state park. net stop for the day was Custer State Park.  We awoke to sounds of grunting and snorting. A step out of the RV explained the situation, a heard of 100 or so Bison had come into the campground. It was pretty damn magical. This place deserves National Park status. There is a good reason why it makes our Our Top 10 List  For more information about Custer please check out our first trip to Custer20160727_193538 20160728_075906 20160727_200329