Glacier National Park


People from New England and Massachusetts in particular have a certain semi annoying phrase that they use when their senses are totally overwhelmed. Perhaps you have heard it yourself and shivered at its utterance.  It is “Wicked Awesome”. Like those wicked awesome Red Socks or those wicked awesome Tea Parties that they throw. Either way wicked awesome is their thing. My thing is the word stupid. I am not sure if it is a Long Island thing or just a me thing, but when I go into sensory overload I get very liberal with the word “stupid”. With that said. This place is just stupid. It is stupid beautiful. Stupid Serene. Stupid Majestic. What makes me feel OK about saying this is the simple fact that this place is almost beyond words. Sine arriving about 4 hours ago, we have explored about 1% of the park and I am speechless. There will certainly be more entries to come from here at Glacier National Park. Click HERE to read about our day in heaven on the Going To The Sun Road at Glacier National Park.

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