Sunday, July 5, 2015

With Colby all fixed up we decided to stop at Glenwood Canyon Adventure Park on our way to Bogan Flats campground in Marble. This was truly a weird place. It is part Gondola ride, part cave tour, and part theme park all perched at the top of a mountain.  The lunatics who designed this place took full advantage of the thousand foot cliff faces surrounding the park.  For example the roller-coaster extends out over the edge of the canyon for that little extra something.  The same goes for the giant swing ride that sends you spinning out over the canyon as well.  They also had what has to be the best alpine slide in the world. This is not your father’s alpine slide. This was a high tech kart that sent you hurling down the mountain at break neck speeds without the chance of flying off like so many other alpine slides.  It was so fast and generates such G forces that I could not breathe. Of course there was a break to slow you down, but I did not really consider that an option.  A small rainstorm blew in at one point and we decided to ride the slide one more time before heading home.

glenwood adventure park

Why am I the only one smiling?

Guess what folks…The already stupid fast alpine slide was now even faster due to the lubrication and the option to use breaks seemed to have been removed. My God! This ride now took a turn into the absurd.  I am petty sure that I broke several ribs and ruptured my spleen strictly from the G forces slamming me into the side of the metal seat.  It’s a good thing that I am a slight man because a chubby fella would have really taken a beating. At the end of the ride we all found ourselves laughing out loud with a look of utter bewilderment on all of our faces. It was simply nuts. Kristi and I were done! Hunter and Colby went back on several times since the rain sent everyone running for the hills and there were no lines.  We were all soaked but exhilarated.   When the rain finally got to be too much we headed into one of the caves for a tour.  Here we met Kenny.  He was one of those guys that should never grow a beard due to the huge spacing between hair follicles on his face. This however did not deter him. He went on the grow a long thin beard that kind of looked like random strands of black thread were falling out of his lip and chin. It was not a good look but I digress.  Kenny was a caver and so was his wife who also worked at the adventure park.  They even got married in the cave with 200 of their closest caver friends in a Pirate themed wedding.   The cave was cool, but Kenny was certainly the only entertainment that we needed for the 40 minute tour.  After we caught our breath from laughing about Kenny’s stories of mystical cave creatures and pirate weddings, we headed back to Roxy and headed south down the western slope of Colorado to our Campground at Bogan Flats.

selfie from the alpine slide