.going to sun

The Going To The Sun Road is considered to be one of the most beautiful drives in the entire world. It is also one of the most treacherous. For 40 or so miles the road hugs the mountains on one side and hovers over 3000 foot drop offs on the other. This provides for mountain scenery like none we have ever seen. It is hard to explain how different this road is from any other mountain pass or even any other scenic drive in the Rockies, but it is much different. Somehow the geography of the place allows you to get up close and personal views of the tops of these mountains. The road seems to weave it’s way about 75% of the way to the top. Most mountain roads are closer to the valley floor and thus only provide neck breaking views. This is an entirely different experience. The lush meadows, rocky outcrops, steep rock faces and fields of wild flowers, painted a picture that constantly changed as we drive further and further west.  At every turn I expected one of three things to happen. The first possibility was  Julie Andrews was going to come dancing out of the next green meadow we passed with a chorus of trained chipmunks singing sweet mountain songs written by John Denver. Somehow this never came to pass. I did however continue to hold out hope for possibility number two which went something like this. As the mountain meadows and fields of wildflowers gave way to intricately carved rock faces, I fully expected to hear a voice from atop the rocks and see Moses himself there with a tablet for me. On this tablet would be carved three new commandments for the 21st century. This Moses realized that the texting generation always wants the cliff notes! The new commandments went something like this.
1. Don’t be a Dick!
2. Think for Yourself!
3. Love All

Again, despite my belief in this scenario, it never came to pass. The third scenario was also biblical in nature. Along our route were many spectacular waterfalls cascading down the mountain side giving birth to the lush meadows and forests of pine below. When Julie Andrews and Moses never showed themselves, I began my mental preparations for scenario number three. And this one was the Biggie. Standing mid waterfall with outstretched arms and long flowing robes of white, I expected to find God himself. He would explain to us that we had had a terrible off roading accident in our Jeep and at mile marker 1 we entered the kingdom of heaven. At least this would have explained the heavenly beauty of the place.  It would be logical. I like logic. What I was seeing before my eyes on this Going to the Sun Road was not logical. In fact is was impossibly beautiful. Being dead would suck, but at least it would make more sense. But this too was not to be. Yahweh did not greet us hovering above any of the majestic waterfalls that we passed
Stay tuned for Part II. Heaven quickly gave rise to hell Going to the Sun Road… Hell