Well another trip is in the books.  2017 marked our eighth cross country RV trip. In that time we have logged countless miles covering 46 states and about 24 National Parks.  I started this blog as a way to  record these memories for the future. I hope someday my kids can look back at this website and find an easy reminder of their childhood travels.  Hunter is now 19 years old!  He is entering his senior year of college and will be off to medical school after that.  Colby is 15 and is  staring his sophomore year of high school.  We have loved our adventures and grown closer as a family as a result of them. It is however time for a change. We can now say that we have seen this great country of ours.  Everywhere that we have traveled, we have evaluated for a possible location for our retirement. After lots of first hand research, we ended up buying 10 beautiful acres of property on top of a mountain in east county San Diego.   Over the next few years, we will focus on building a home there.  We also have some adventures in mind to places that an RV can’t go.   So for the immediate future, this is an end to our cross country RV travel.  I hope you enjoyed following along.  I certainly enjoyed writing this blog knowing that many friends and family were waiting to see what trouble we got ourselves into or what adventures that we found along the way. It has been a tradition that during most years, I have snuck in one fictional blog entry as a test to see who would pick up on it. This year was different. Instead of spending time writing a short fictional blog entry, I am writing an actual novel. I spent much of my down time on this trip churning out pages. I expect a finished product in the next six months or so. Thanks to this blog, I have rediscovered my love of writing and soon I will have a completed novel to show for it. So again… Thank you all for your love and support.  I hope all of you safe and adventurous travels.

Happy Trails,

Rambling Man