Today was our first 4 wheel drive adventure. I made the mistake of asking some locals for some advice on a first time beginner trail. They took one look at my New York license plate and promptly suggested “Hell’s Revenge” Being Naive, I kindly thanked them and headed out with the family to the beginner trail named Hell’s Revenge. Funny how the trail map rated this as a 4 out of 4 for difficulty and dangerousness. Ah well, the locals would not steer me wrong. Right??? Wrong!!! Hell’s revenge is the perfect name for the gut busting, metal smashing, 10 miles of pure Hell. Kristi had a full blown nervous break down and Colby kept screaming that we were going to die. I actually had to drag them back into the jeep when they tried to walk home in the 105 degree Utah sun. There were sincere tears and screams throughout the day. 2000 ft. drop offs in all directions while balancing the jeep on a 6 foot precipice. Very gnarly. We lived to tell the tale, but I am certainly headed toward divorce court.1.1088723740.hell_1