IMG_1491Colby is a unique creature. He is now 14 years old and has always been the guy to turn to for a smile or a laugh. His life is blessed and it shows. We call him Mr Happy for a reason. Colby seems never to let anything get in the way of his own personal happiness. The last few days have been long days on the road. We all get up at 7 am and start the process of driving 500 miles or so. All but Colby that is! At the 7 am wake up call, he stumbles from the dinette sleeper into our bedroom where he sleeps for the next 7 hours or so while I drive, Hunter navigates, and Kristi keeps us fed and entertained with facebook stories. ¬† When we are about to reach our next destination Colby seems to rise from the dead and asks “what time is it”? ¬†Without fail it is always about time to stop for the day. After a long day on the road, we are all spent. But not Colby. He is fresh and ready to fish and explore the next destination. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as Colby.¬†clone tag: -5303233527031052144IMG_164420160716_21333620160726_152934IMG_1714