I am sure that Joshua Tree National Park is a beautiful place. Unfortunately although we are camping here today, we are not going to get to see it. It is hot. I mean really hot. I mean dangerously hot! So hot that even our attempt to see the park as drive by tourists failed because the AC in the car just could not keep up and Colby started melting into back seat. It was so uncomfortable that our 1 hour escape back to the comfort of the RV was made in complete silence. Literally no one spoke a word. The heat and sun were that draining.  The upshot to the heat is that no one is here. We have a giant campground lined with beautiful cactus and Joshua Trees all to ourselves. Last night we had a giant desert style bonfire and took some long exposure pics of the trees. Looking at the pics below, you would not even know that they were taken at night if it were not for the stars in the background.  This was a last minute addition to the trip and I did not do my usual homework. If I did my perhaps I would have learned to avoid the Mohave Desert in August!

Joshua Tree

 Duh… Perhaps we will be back another time, but we are certainly in no rush. The wounds are too fresh. For the first time on the trip, I can honestly say, we were all bored. We were hunkered down in the RV with all the shades drawn and the AC cranked for the whole day. There was no TV but luckily my phone was getting primo 4G service so I created a wifi hotspot by tethering it to my mac and we watched some movies and surfed the web all day. It was probably a blessing in disguise as we were all of the verge of collapse from the non stop adventures on this trip. Tomorrow we move onto San Diego where we will give the old girl a much needed cleaning and prep her for storage before we fly home.joshua tree