6-1437209087-12-jpgTuesday, July 14, 2015

Lake Powell is one of the few places that we have chosen to return to for a second time. The last time that we were here was two years ago with our traveling buddies the Zeigers. We had so much fun that we knew that we needed to come back. Lake Powell is not a lake to look at. It is a lake to experience! Don’t even bother coming if you do not have plans to rent a boat. This is the only way to see this lake. I can’t impress upon you how huge this place is. Here is a fun fact that may help. Lake Powell has more shoreline than the entire west coast of the United States!  The vastness of this place means that you can always find a quite nook or cranny to hang out in without other boat traffic getting in the way of your fun. Everyone is very spread out among the various canyons of the lake.

Last time we were here we rented a boat from a local company in order to save a few dollars over the marina in the campground.


This turned out to be a mistake. It was a big hassle to trailer the boat and launch it each day.  This time we spent a few hundred more and rented it from the marina that was within walking distance to the campground. What a difference. Our boat was always on the dock waiting for us whenever we wanted to head out. The only thing that I would do differently next time is to request the newest boat available in advance. There is a big difference between the newer boats and the older rentals.  We switched to a newer boat on day two and it was a night and day difference.

The steep canyons and red rocks cliffs made for stunning scenery but the real fun was had on the tube. The smiles and laughter continued all day long as victim after victim loaded onto the raft that we towed behind the boat at full speed. I think we are all still a little sore after the punishing that it gave our bodies. But, Wow was it fun and totally worth it.

Lake Powell was the official conclusion of this trip. The unofficial conclusion included another 12 hours of driving to San Diego to Casa De Zeiger where Roxy would be parked until the next adventure. It was two busy days of cleaning up the RV and Jeep, drinking excessive amounts of beer and eating silly amounts of Mexican food. Thanks again to Michael, Dawn, and Kiley for sharing our trip with us and taking good care of the new girl till we return.6-1437209087-36-jpg6-1437209087-6-jpg