Day One

Lake Tahoe is a very interesting dichotomy. It is so scenic, so serene, and so freakin packed with people!!! This place would be great if everyone but us just went the hell home. Perhaps it is the fact that it is 4th of July weekend. It is like a combination of spring break, a girls gone wild  video shoot, and a post card for the nature conservatory. We did manage to escape the crowds for a bit and do a little hiking at Emerald Bay. This was probably one of the top three vistas that I had ever seen. We are hoping to put the Kayak’s in tomorrow and paddle over there to get a different vantage point.  After we battled the traffic returning home  from Emerald Bay, we were just settling in at the camper when we heard a very loud series of crashes on the road in front of the park. I ran out to check it out and found the drunk driver responsible for the crash running straight at me with security from a local bar providing chase. I thought to myself “hell no, I am not getting involved while on vacation” Luckily the driver was tackled by the security guards before the driver reached me. The chaos that followed was nuts. One of the other drivers tried to fight the drunk driver, other people were screaming and running all over the place.There were at least 5 cars involved. Withing minutes the story made it’s way through the campground. The story was that there was 1 fatality and the guy’s face was ripped off. I think that it was a bit of the game of telephone. I really don’t think anyone’s face came off nor do I believe that anyone died. It was however a grim reminder of the consequences of drinking and driving.
Day Two

We were so looking forward to our time here in Lake Tahoe, but sadly it has not lived up to our expectations. It is simply was too crowded here. Even driving a few miles to go hiking is an adventure. This morning we decided that the only way to escape the crowds was to paddle our way to freedom. We inflated our new Kayaks and humped them across the street to the beach. Once there we could not get into the water fast enough. The loud music and partying on the beach was really killing the vibe we have been working on during this trip. A few furious minutes of paddling and the crowds and the noise started to dull into the background of the mountains. Within 10 minutes we were free. It was like someone flipped a switch and we were back in our grove. We spent a few hours exploring some really cool coves and inlets. We beached the kayaks on some rocks and enjoyed a break from paddling and had a few snacks with the snow capped mountains providing a nice back drop. Once we got back to the beach the madness started up again. There were ambulances treating drunk kids, police arresting roudy young men and general madness everywhere.Tomorrow we are getting outta Dodge bright and early. We are  heading to Yosemite which we are hoping to be the highlight of our trip.