Mountain Park Campground:

At this point in the trip we are wingin it. Today we crossed into Colorado which is out favorite state from June till August. We decided to explore an area in the Rockies which we have never seen before. In the central north of the state is the little known Poudre River recreation area. The entire area is in the depths of a huge canyon in which the Le Poudre River Cache flows swiftly. White water outfitters were spotted every few miles launching their rafts into the raging waters. It looked like so much fun that we will be looking to sign up for a trip in the next few days. The winding canyon road was scenic but also treacherous for a 35 foot rv towing a jeep. The 30 mile trip up the canyon took a solid 90 minutes. When we finally reached a campground suitable for a rig our size we were rewarded with a fantastic wooded site along the river. As is usually the case, the boys grabbed their rods immediately and headed to the water. Unfortunately no matter how good the spot looked we can’t seem to find the fish. I may have to bite the bullet and hire a guide. To come to Wyoming and Colorado with 3 fly fisherman and find not one good fish is just wrong. It may be cheating but at least there will be trout on the BBQ if we hire a local to help us find the hot spots. I wish I could tell you more about this great little spot that we found, but the s’mores are almost done.


Day Two

When we plan trips like these, we always factor in enough unscheduled time to allow for adjustments. Poudre River Canyon turned out to be a perfect example of why we do this. The canyon and the river that runs through it are so rugged and pristine that we found it too hard to leave. We have decided to spend 4 days here, hiking, fishing, and relaxing a bit. Our camper is perched only 15 feet from the bucolic waters which seem to call to the boys. If it were up to them they would spend the entire day wading in the current hunting for rainbow trout with their fly rods. Speaking of trout. What a difference a day makes! Just the other day, I was thinking of hiring a guide, but then our luck turned around. Early yesterday morning Colby hooked into a nice size rainbow trout. He was so excited that he insisted on cooking it right then and there. So guess what we had for breakfast? I don’t know the last time that I had fish for breakfast, but it was certainly a treat. After we cleaned up from grilling the fish, the boys returned to fishing and guess what? Yep, more trout. This time a brown trout and another rainbow. Once again I got to practice my fish cleaning skills in the river. After the 6th fish I was getting pretty good at it. By this time it was getting near lunch and I am sure you can imagine what the boys wanted to eat. I was thinking about how to prepare the fish this time around and I remembered that my friend Denise had hooked me up with an assortment of rubs before we left. I opted for the one labeled mystery rub and sprinkled it generously on the fish fillets. I then soaked the cedar plank that I was using to fillet the fish on in the river for a while. When it was good and soaked, I laid the fillets onto the plank and popped the whole deal on the fire. Now, I am no chef Ramsey, but damn this all came together like well thought out plan. The smokey flavor of the cedar made it’s way into the fish and the mystery rub added just the right amount of kick. We picked through the fish with our fingers like hungry cannibals. The late afternoon brought a few more fish. The evening meal was tacos. Yep. Fish tacos! Tomorrow Will be a catch and release day.


We are loving Poudre River Canyon. It takes a while to get used to being so isolated. We are an hour from the closet real town. There is no cell service, no Internet, no electric, no running water and as a result no headaches. One of our last adventures here included some off roading in the jeep. Mommy and Colby choose to sit this one out after our fiasco last year in Moab. Hunter seems to be the daredevil of the family. He insisted that we climb heart attack hill, even after being warned by locals not to do it. Not being one to turn down a challenge, I went for it. We made it 90 percent to then top before the trail turned into a truly dangerous climb. I am adventurous but not stupid. We were able to find a spot to turn around and made our decent with our tails between our legs. It was a fun attempt though. Our final night in the canyon, we decided to trek to the city of Fort Collins. What a great little city this was. So many well thought out promenades and walking only blocks gave the entire city a very welcoming character. It just so happens that on the night we were there, the city was hosting a huge free music festival called Bohemian Nights New West Fest. We stayed for to see a fantastic blues band, Cracker, and G Love and Special Sauce. All and all it was a really nice night.

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