A few days ago I got the results of some genetic testing that I had done on Hunter. Along with the medical results, the company that provided the testing was also able to provide ancestral information based on his DNA.  And guess what? Hunter and Colby are 1.5% Native American!! Armed with this new and exciting information, Colby ran straight to the gift shop and bought himself an Indian flute with the spending money that his Nannie generously gave him for the trip.  Now, I would be lying if I said that for the following 24 hours I did not both curse Nannie a few time and also stop myself from breaking the damn thing in half.  However after a day of A LOT of practice, the kid got really good at this thing. I will post some video in the next entry of him playing it on top of a mesa that we climbed in Monument Valley.

Mesa Verde National Park is the home to the best preserved Native American cliff dwellings in the United States.


You really do feel a sense of reverence in this place. The whole area looks and feels very sacred. On our first day here, we basically set up camp and did a little exploring in the tracker. Now I love my boys and all, but Kristi and I are human. After being bosom buddies with them for the past couple of weeks, we opted for a much needed dinner out alone. At the summit of Mesa Verde sits a restaurant called the Metate Room. We had a wonderful dinner and I even discovered a new beer that I loved called Trippel from New Belgium brewing company.4-1376031225-chillin-like-a-villain

The following morning we took a ranger guided tour of Cliff Palace which is the largest cliff dwelling community in the park. The tour was awesome and Kristi only had one panic attack despite the numerous small crevices and very steep ladders that we had to climb to find our way out of the canyon.  After leaving Mesa Verde we could not resist stopping at 4 Corners Monument. It is really nothing more than a spot where Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico meet. We took the obligatory pictures of all of us in different states and headed back out on the open road pointed towards Monument Valley.