IMG_1635Mt. Rainier National Park is a huge place. I often describe parks as fitting into one of two categories. The first is a drive through park where most of the major attractions are a simple stop off the road. This is not one of those places. This is a hikers park. 95% of the park is only accessible by trekking into the wilderness. Normally this is a good thing, because we love to hike and it allows an escape from the crowds. However on this day, I was a hurting puppy. The night before, Colby and I were fishing and he hooked his lure on a huge fallen tree that has half in the river. Rather than sacrifice the $3.00 lure I smartly decided to roll the tree over to expose the lure. Well that was a success and a failure at the same time. We did save the lure, but it was at the expense of my back. Apparently lifting a several hundred pound tree is not good for a guy with herniated disks. However, I did not notice it until 3am the next morning when nature called. I sat up in the bed (kinda) only to find myself in excruciating pain. I tried standing to walk 3 feet to the bathroom only to collapse down to the fetal position on the bed. My back was totally locked up. I literally could not get to the bathroom and I really had to go. This was a problem. I have been here before and as sad as it is to say, I have a cane at home to help me when this happens. However there was no cane in the motorhome. Kristi offered her help, but at 45 years old, there is no way in hell that I would allow my wife to help me pee. I mentally searched for a solution and came up with one. We had an adjustable curtain rod that we used to keep the sliding closet door  shut as we bounce down the road. I begged for the rod, adjusted it to my height and limped my way to the bathroom where I sat and pee’d like a girl. Standing for more than 4 seconds was not going to happen. Success!     I prayed all night that the spasm would release and several hours later, it was beginning to let up. As usual I was up earlier than everyone else and again struggled  to get upright. I did however make it to my feet. When this happens, the best thing I can do is move. So with this assistance of the curtain rod, I got dressed, made my way out of the RV and went for a walk around the campground, curtain rod in hand. Sure I got some funny looks, but I did not care. I was moving and happy to be doing so. After some walking and a hot shower I was able to function and we continued on our adventures.

20160717_123001 20160717_114306We traveled to the Sunset area of Mt. Rainier for some light hiking and sightseeing. The views were spectacular. I could not do any of the intended hikes, but that was OK. We did a couple of short hikes and took some great pics. All and all…..It was a good day.20160717_123715 20160717_114009 (1)

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