Other than satisfying my wanderlust, camping affords me the time to write. This blog is more cathartic then you can imagine. I love writing, but I am a single minded person. This means that when I am home I cannot take an hour each night and write. I cannot retreat to my office and write. There are too many distractions, too many other things vying for my attention, and I just don’t find it fulfilling. The ONLY time that I can write is while perched on a cliff 6.1436462557.3-jpg, at a campsite, or away from everything. I need total focus for almost everything in my life. This is a blessing and a curse. For example, I often take on huge projects as home. Like the 1968 Bertram boat that I am currently restoring. I am totally focused on this right now. What that means is that on the weekends, I start work at 6am and don’t finish until the sun goes down. Many times, I forget to eat and drink in between. On more than one occasion this has resulted in dehydration and illness. It has been like this forever. Building an extension on my home, restoring a car, building a flux capacitor. It is all the same! Single minded total focus at the expense of everything. It sounds some dumb, but when I focus on something, I really focus on it. Writing is no different. I need total focus that can only be found while camping. The Mountains, Rivers, Lakes and Forest are my muse and I am so thankful to have them. Without them, time, and Denise Mullen this blog would not be possible. Denise is a long time friend who inspired me to blog during our first trip. I have to admit, I thought it was a corny idea, but it turned out to be a great way to keep in touch with friends and family as well as to cement our memories. Blogging is a close as I will ever come to relaxing. I love to write and I do find it relaxing. I also love to camp, but without writing it can be something less than relaxing. Take for example four nights ago. My computer was drained of all power and we were at the campsite. A normal person would sit around the campfire with a drink. Not this guy! Sure, there was a drink involved, but sitting around is only for writing. So I decided to spend 3 hours washing the entire RV with a kitchen sponge. Mind you there was no hose. So I had to hike for water every 10 minutes to fill up a 2 gallon pail. This took about 20 trips! When that was over, I noticed that the jeep was filthy, so of course I needed to wash that too. By this time it was dark, but that did not deter me either. Unless I am writing or driving, I work until I drop. Unless of course I am at my actual work.! There is a mis-wiring in my brain that makes relaxing very difficult, but writing certainly helps!