For many summers, my family and I would pack up the RV and head west from our home on Long Island for a three week cross country adventure. The problem was that so much of our time was being eaten up by the huge mileage involved in the roundtrip. On one fateful trip home, it occurred to me that there may be an alternative. What if instead of returning home to New York we left the motorhome out west?  After some back of the napkin math, it seemed totally doable. The following year was going to be our first trial. The plan went like this.

  1. Leave from NY
  2. Spend 3 weeks on  National Park tour of the west
  3. Park RV in a Self Storage lot. (about $70) per month
  4. Fly home  (cost offset by the fuel not being used driving)
  5. Fly to California next summer
  6. Spend 3 weeks camping on an eastward trajectory
  7. Drive home to NY

It turned out to be a brilliant plan if I do say so myself.  It gave us so much more quality camping time as opposed to driving time. All of our trips are done like this now and it works out awesome.  The downside is that every other year, we are without the RV at home to do local camping, but we use that time to mix it up and do other fun activities. If the cost of the airfare seems prohibitive, check out this post. I learned about travel hacking several years ago and I have not paid for a flight in 5 years, but that is another story.

Happy Trails!