Mt Rainier was not a major destination for this trip, but it was en route and a good jumping off point for both Olympic National Park and North Cascades National Park. Despite what you may have read, the salmon season was closed here and we did not fish much at all. The Dalles Campground was fantastic. It gets real busy here on the weekends and reservations certainly help. When we arrived on a Saturday, there were only two sites left that would fit our rig.  Come Sunday, the place emptied out. This is dry camping so don’t expect much other than a huge stand of old growth Dour Fir trees, a glacier fed river, and the occasional Sasquatch siting. Speaking of trees and Sasquatch… Here are two interesting tid bits. The largest tree in Washington State was a Douglas Fir that was in this very campground. It fell just last year. The stump is probably 11 feet across. This was a huge tree.20160717_104929

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We arrived late in the day so we were nor going to be hiking or going to the park. Instead we choose to go to the Enumclaw County Fair to take in the local flavor. As it turns out the local flavor tastes like beef jerky and chewing tobacco. This was serious redneck country. While at the fair we attended a pig race, a tractor pull, and ate some really bad fair food.  Needles to say we had a great time. 20160716_165827 20160716_165508 20160716_173147 20160716_172051
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The next story that you are about to read actually happened. I swear! So we are sitting around the campfire at about 11:30 PM and it is pitch black out. No moon, no city lights, just pitch blackness.   We saw a group of people coming down the campground road with small candles and flashlights. There was not taking, no joking around, just reverent marching in the dark. As the group got closer, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. It was a bride in a gown, with a ten foot long train trailing on the black top with her guests in tow.   What the heck was this about? We all looked at each other like WTF, but it was Colby and I who chased after them to investigate.   By the time we caught up with them there were flashes from cameras and the bridal party had stopped in the road for something. As we approached, it got weirder. The bride was posing for pictures with a dude in a Big Foot costume. After thinking about this for a minute, I concluded that these were a couple of weirdo’s from Portland or Seattle who were holding some kind of Sasquatch/ Ghost Bride theme wedding at midnight in the forest. But alas I was wrong. After posing for some pictures, Bigfoot when one way and the Ghost Bride went the other. Now the dilemma here is this…. Who to follow? Being that this was Sasquatch Country we choose to follow him. Now let me remind you that this was now close to midnight and I like to have a few cocktails around the campfire. So before the pursuit continued, I needed to relieve myself. This gave Bigfoot and his posse a hundred yards on us. Colby and I were speed waking in the dark to catch up to Bigfoot. When we reached him, he was holding his mask in his hand making his way back to his campsite. I stopped them and asked the following. “What the hell was that” To this he replied. “Dude, I have no idea” Apparently he gets his kicks walking around the campground at night in a Bigfoot costume and he just happened upon a Ghost Bride and stopped and took pictures with her. He has no idea where she came from or what they were doing. Seriously weird. Colby and I continued around the campground loop looking for the bridal party, but they were nowhere to be found. It was as if they just vanished. True Story. Really!20160716_213336