People often ask, how we are able to do this without killing each other. I don’t have a very good answer to that. The truth is however that we get on each other nerves much more in a 2300 square foot house than we do in our 34” motor home. Writing helps me clarify my thoughts, so perhaps we can work through this together. For me, I have always had wanderlust for the open road. I get antsy at home, cranky in the winter, and summer is too short. When I used to go off shore fishing  I would breath a sigh of relief when we could no longer see land. This is where I was most at peace. I feel the exact same relief as I take the helm of the RV. The road has been calling for many months, and I am finally ready to set sail. I can’t speak for my kids, but they did inherit half of my DNA which may explain why they too are at peace on the road. Kristi loves camping and always has. We have been doing this for twenty  years and it has become a lifestyle for us. She has her jobs and I have mine and the whole operation runs like a well-oiled machine. We are good at this. We enjoy this. Perhaps that is why we don’t want to kill each other.



Happy Trails