So we have been on the road for about two weeks now. We are big fans of camping out west. The  North East is new to us. We are having a great time, but there are differences.  One on them is the weather. The West is a lot drier. Here we are dealing with scattered rain storms everywhere we go. They are not trip killing storms, but they do get in the way of plans that we make for the day. We have spent more than a few hours in the RV playing board games.


As I write this, I am under our awning in Central Maine. the rain is coming down and everyone else is inside surfing the web to kill time. It seems that almost every day of our trip thus far has included some rain. A few days ago I pulled into a grassy site on lake Champlain. After three days there, the grassy site turned into a muddy marsh. When it came time to leave, I was very worried about getting stuck backing out. Everyone had a theory about the best way to get out of the site.  I also had one. It went something like this.

  1. Punch the Gas
  2. Hold on
  3. Hope for the best

After all was said and done I tore up the campsite and sunk the 26,000 lb motorhome into the mud 20 inches deep  before escaping to freedom. I did however make it out of the site without requiring a tow truck.  

Speaking of mishaps, there have been others that I have not blogged about. We had a flood inside the camper after one particularly hard night of rain. I have since found the problem which was a bad seal on one of the slideouts that I have since fixed. The water heater also stopped working on day 4.  That required a trip to Walmart, a soldering gun, and some ingenuity. The fridge stopped on day 8.  That required some electrical troubleshooting, a multimeter, and some luck.  The fuel gauge has quit altogether, so we are now tracking fuel consumption based on the odometer.  My point is not that  our RV in a piece of Sh$$$, but rather that these type of campers contain a lot of systems that will all have problems at one point or another. This type of travel is not for everyone.  I travel with a lot of tools, 2 boys who help me troubleshoot problems, and a wife that is very patient.  After covering 45  states, we have learned that problems are only part of the adventure. You can let them kill your trip or you can adapt and overcome. We have learned the later.

The North East is different is some other ways. Camping here is more about camping and not as much about sight seeing. The National Parks of the west keep us very busy seeing all of the major attractions. Here the attractions are more scattered and camping is more about setting up for a week or so and kicking back by the campfire at night. Kicking back is not something that I am very good at. I am however working on it. I spent much of my down time writing. Over the past 8 years, this blog has been a great way for me to document our adventures, but it has also reminded me that I really love to write. In May  I decided that I would take my writing a bit more seriously. I have since embarked on writing a novel. I am now 160 pages into it and I am loving every minute of it.  Down time is now used to sit outside in the wilderness and put together more chapters of my book.  We are still moving at a good rate, but when time presents itself, I am typing away trying to bang out a few pages here and there.


Below is a pic that I forgot to post earlier. It is the best norther pike  that Colby caught thus far. Obviously that is not Colby holding it. He gave it away to this kid who looked hungry. I guess Colby never learned the proverb about teaching a man to fish.

Happy Trails