As far as ocean front camping goes, you can’t do much better than south Carlsbad State Park in Northern San Diego.  This is a premium SoCal surf spot which accounts for some of the popularity of this place.  It is really all about the fantastic views from high up on the bluff overlooking the pacific. carlsbad parkHalf of the sites here are ocean front and considered premium sites that cost $50 per night with no hookups. Reservations are a must.  Even now in the middle of winter, the place is totally full. I am told that summer camping should be reserved six months in advance.  Like many places that require advance planning, it is popular for a reason. The views are awesome, the surfing is world class, and the vibe is uniquely  SoCal.  The nightlife aint bad either. I am a bit of a beer nerd and to me this is mecca. In a 15 square mile radius of where I sit are some of the best and most diverse small batch breweries in the world.  Anytime we are in San Diego, Kristi and I carve out some alone time to hit up some of the local breweries. We especially like the smaller startups who have something to prove to industry. They are found in low rent industrial areas and are always less crowded than the larger outfits like Stone Brewery which has a beer garden that sits 1200 people.  Last night we found ourselves in Arcana Brewery chatting it up with Dave the brewmaster and owner.  The way this industry has taken off out here, he too may have a 1200 seat restaurant in a few years, but for now this is where they all get their start. In a rollup door industrial park, with little décor, but tons of flavor and some kick ass beer.  The few hours we spent sampling Dave’s imperial porters, Barley Wines, and IPA’s was a perfect escape for  Mommy and Daddy. We will repeat it again every night that we are here in a different brewery each time.

carlsbadColby is really embracing the west coast lifestyle. I can really see him settling out here in the not too distant future.  Heck we may be making the move to the left coast too. It really does have a lot to offer. We were even lucky enough to spot several whales from the comfort of Roxie. They were a little too far out to snap a picture of, but you could see their tales and water spouts very clearly. Very Cool!