Kristi’s brother Michael lives here in San Diego. They were in need of a little time away and we did not want to stop our camping adventure, so we decided to meet at a campground for a 3 day visit. Michael and Dawn picked Lake Vail Resort in Temecula, CA. This place could not have been better. It was quiet, had great views, and best of all it was in the heart of wine country. It was fantastic to spend time with Mike and Dawn, but our niece Kiley was the highlight of our time together. Way too much time goes by between visits and this three year old is growing so fast into a well mannered and very funny little lady. Hunter and Colby ran uncle Michael into the ground as usual. Between the pools, the bike rides and all the other games, we were all a little worn out. As with our last stop, it was really great to visit with family that you  love and enjoy spending time with.

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