4-1376548818-looking-for-that-perfect-picture-spotThe Grand Canyon was not scheduled to be the highlight of our trip. It really just happened to be close to our route so we decided to stop and check it out. Don’t get me wrong, I want to do the Grand Canyon in a big way, but this was not the year for it. Let me explain. As you may have noticed, our family is not the “drive by” tourists type. If we were going to do the Grand Canyon, we were going to do it right. The only way in my book to really experience the Grand Canyon is not peering down into it, but looking up at it from a raft while being bounced over the rocks of the class 4 rapids of the raging Colorado River. A 4-5 day rafting and camping trip is really what we have in mind for this place.  Unfortunately Colby is all of 58 lbs! His little anorexic frame would bounce right out of the raft. I tried a diet of bacon and milk shakes for the past six months trying to fatten the kid up, but nothing worked. So we will be back in a few years to do the Grand Canyon our way. But for this year we had to settle for peering down into the big hole from above.

grand canyon

The size and scope was amazing, but all you could really do was look at it from different angles. If you wanted to hike down, it was an all day affair and one that we were just not motivated to do in the Arizona sun. The mules looked like a good option but also uber expensive and you need reservation a year in advance. So we settled for a day of picture taking from the rim and a nice lunch at The El Tavor Hotel.  Next time we will be looking up instead of down.

While in the area we took a day trip to Sedona, AZ. Kristi and I were both pleasantly surprised by Sedona. We have seen a lot of red rocks, buttes, bluffs, and crazy desert rock formations during our travels. We expected more of the same from Sedona. While we did find this, we also found lush greenery and an interlaced forest landscape that made for a truly unique setting.  The topography of this place was spectacular.  It goes on the list as a place to come back to an explore much deeper.