This morning we left Yellowstone and pointed the old girl towards Colorado. After a few hours of driving we stumbled into Thermopolis, Wyoming. This is a small town known for it’s hot springs. Now after being in Yellowstone for a week and not being allowed to get anywhere near any of the thermal features, the idea of actually soaking our aching bones in a natural hot spring sounded perfect. Hot Springs State Park had a series of pools and bath houses that were open to the public and free of charge. We were warmly welcomed into one of then soaking pools by some locals who touted the benefits of the natural 104 degree mineral water. It is hard to describe, but I must say the water did feel “special” . After a nice long soak, we saddled up again and headed down the road to Ayers Natural Bridge State Park also in Wyoming. This tiny park is in the middle of absolutely nowhere. It was however a real treasure. The namesake of then park is the 50 foot high, 100 foot long natural sandstone arch with a beautiful little river running under it. We camped within a stones throw of arch and close enough to the river to cast our poles from the window of the RV. The kids are out fishing as a type this entry. Tomorrow it is a short drive to the Poudre river area in Colorado where we will shack up for a day or two depending on the sights.


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