We are now doing long days on the road on our route home. These are not the best days of a cross country trip. Covering 400 – 600 miles a day kinda sucks in and of itself, but there are other issues. A large RV towing another car can be a handful. It requires a lot of attention. For example in the western states there are things called “frost bumps”. These are seemingly mild undulations in the road caused by the extreme weather of the northern west. Not a big deal for a car or even a tractor trailer, but for a motorhome or big trailer they are something that can get your attention fast. They totally unspring the suspension which then tries to rebound to quick, which only exasperates that problem. Before you know it you are bouncing almost uncontrollably.  The only remedy for this is to read the road ahead of time and slow yourself before this happens. Sometimes this is possible and sometimes not.  The warning signs are hard rubber marks on the road from where other RV’s have encountered this problem.  When you spot these, it is hard on the brakes before you hit the dip. All too often these rubber marks lead off the road into a ditch that leaves you wondering “Did anyone survive?”  There are also cross winds that come out of nowhere in an attempt to force you off the road and then there are irregular road shoulders that try to pull you off a cliff every now and then.

This is not to even speak of the human errors and psycho truckers that are always trying to kill you.  On this trip we have seen three terrible RV accidents, two of which involved a roll over.Many of these mishaps can be avoided be lowering your speed. I can comfortably cruise at 70 or more, but there is a lot less time to react to a problem. This is why the cruise control is always set no higher than 65 and even then that is always on the best of roads.


fury road

Add to that the dumbass factor. Like the RV driver running out of fuel which can really cause issues in a diesel engine.

Yes. That is me after running out of fuel.

Yes. That is Hunter and I with a gas can!

So yeah. For the first time in my life, I ran out of gas. Shit happens! What can I say? I can make the excuse that of the many problems that this RV has, it has an inaccurate gas gauge which is true., but I never should have let it get even close. We got very lucky. It started sputtered down I90 in the middle of nowhere South Dakota. Luckily we were able to coast to the next exit which had fuel which is rare. In this part of the country, you can go 50 miles between exits that have gas!

One of the less interesting things that you see on the road are the ubiquitous tourist trap “attractions” We did however fall for one yesterday. It was called the Corn Palace We have passed this several times before without stopping, but this time curiosity got the best of us. For some reason I had in my mid that this was a giant palace made from corn. It was not. It was an event center that was decorated portraits made from corn. You can go ahead and skip this one. 20160728_162552


Happy and Safe Trails…