For the last few years we have traveled through a section of Wisconsin known as the Wisconsin Dells. We have heard mention of this area by many other campers that we have encountered  from the mid west. I was always curious but never had the time to stop and check it out. Well, this year is different. I have not used up any of my “fluff days” and we are one day ahead of schedule. In addition to satisfying my curiosity, the Wisconsin Dells also happens to be home to the biggest waterpark in the United States. We always like to end our trip in a amusement park of some kind. Last year it was Cedar Point in Ohio which had the best roller coasters in the US. This time it was Noah’s Ark which is the best waterpark in the US.  Our timing was right on the money as it was 94 and sunny which always works out well for a waterpark. Noah’s Ark waterpark was amazing. Colby was in his glory. It was a perfect day for it. The weather as 94 and sunny which made the soaking wet rides that much more pleasurable. We hit just about everything in the park before retiring to the campground around 7pm

Wisconsin Dells


We were enjoying the Dells so much that we decided to stay an extra day or two.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, but my waterproof camera case sprung a leak and that was the end to our old kodak digital camera that we used as a back up to the good camera.  An added bonus to this area is the proximity to Milwaukee which is a big beer town. Thanks to my good friend Jeff Nichols, I have become a beer snob this year. Throughout most of this trip, I could not find a good beer anywhere we went. Jeff has ruined me so bad, that I refused to drink regular beer and opted to go dry vs. facing the swill that was offered up during most of this trip. This all changed in the Dells. There were huge beer stores everywhere offering up all sorts of good micro brews. Todays flavor of the day is Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Lake Erie Monster which is now my new favorite beer. At 9% alcohol, it is no joke, yet the flavor of citrus and a strong hop forward presentation obscure the punch. I am going to try to stock up on this before we head home.