A few days ago we were joined here in Yellowstone by my brother in law Michael, his wife Dawn, and my favorite niece Kiley. Don’t hate. In only have one niece, but even if I had six she is still my original favorite. Gotta give the Zeiger family major props for surviving a 28 hour non stop drive from San Diego with a car sick four year old. Lets just say that there lots of laundry to be done when they got here.

They have joined us on all of our adventures over the last couple of days. The highlight of which was a really nice hike that we took yesterday in Grand Teton National park at a place called Jenny lake. The park service runs a shuttle boat across the lake to a trail head which leads to a vista named inspiration point. We opted to skip the shuttle boat and hike around the lake to the trail head. This turned out to be good decision. We were a little weary about doing this 3 mile segment with a four year old, but man was she a trooper. She made it through the whole rocky trail without a whimper or complaint. The last segment of the trail however was just not doable with small children. I am very proud of my boys for safely negotiating the switchbacks and cliffs that the hike up to inspiration point threw at us. In the end the views were fantastic. We have one more day here in Yellowstone and then we pack it up and head towards Colorado. And in case you were wondering, the stupid humans keep doing their stupid tricks. Last night while making the 2 hour drive back from Grand Teton, we found ourselves once again dead stopped in traffic. I figured it must have been another dumb brown cow in the road, but I was wrong. This time it was a dumb brown Floridian who came within 10 feet of driving his entire family over a 1000 foot cliff into the icy rapids of the Yellowstone river. I don’t know the details, but from all I do know is the family’s suburban ended up bouncing from one side of the road to the other and eventually ended up hanging backwards over a steel barrier. That steel barrier ended 10 feet from where the truck came to rest. After that it was all cliff with no barrier at all to keep them from falling 1000 feet to the deaths. This family was very lucky. All told we spent 2 hours parked on the road waiting for the carnage to be cleared. This only reinforces what I have been saying all along. This is a great park, but August is not the time to be here. Pack your winter clothes and visit in September or October.