In the spirit on honesty, the only reason that we crossed over into Maine was to earn ourselves a state sticker. We did cross over for dinner the night before, but unless you are camping in a state, you cannot truly earn a sticker. 

As has been the case thus far, the rain followed us into Maine. On day two at 9am the skies seemed to be breaking for a bit. We quickly got ourselves together and ran down to one of the local marinas to rent a boat. We spent the day exploring Long Lake and doing some fishing. The white perch were biting, but that was about it. The fishing was no where as good as it was on Lake Champlain. 

We did a little hiking between rain storms and otherwise made the best of the weather. 


We were not leaving Maine without eating some Lobster. Colby is a very picky eater until it comes to expensive food . He can devour sushi, wagyu beef, and many of the finer foods. So it came as no surprise the he loved lobster. 

Overall we had a great time in Maine.