After leaving Letchworth we stopped at Niagara Falls for the afternoon. Kristi and I had been here close to 25 years ago. We came on a whim in the middle of winter only to find the falls almost completely frozen. This time it was different. Both the Canadian and American falls were flowing millions of gallons per second. I gotta say, it does live up to the hype. It was simply gorgeous. We are not usually the type to do the most touristy things in places like this. We generally go camping to escape the crowds, but here in Niagara Falls, there was no escaping them. This place is tourist heaven complete with dumb attractions like Ripley’s Museum, The Hard Rock Café, and dozens of other places willing to empty your wallet for you. As is usual for us, we avoided that stuff like the plague. When we are camping the real attractions for us are mountains, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls.

Looking down at the base of the falls, it quickly became clear that the best way to really get a feeling for the power of the falls was to take the Maid of the Mist boat ride which brings you really close to the base of the falls. So close that the wind generated by the crashing water is always blowing in 40 mph gusts. The feeling of being surrounded by 180 degrees of crashing water was something that pictures or even words cannot capture. Looking up as high as you can and seeing nothing but walls of water was what can only be described as otherworldly. If you ever decide to come to Niagara Falls, do not leave without doing the Maid of The Mist. It may have been the best $18 that I ever spent.

From Niagara we crossed into Canada. We had all of Ember’s vaccination records as required. We expected to be boarded and inspected as we had at other boarder crossings, but all it took was a brief look at our passports and we were welcomed to Canada. Three hours later we scored a great campsite at Algonquin Provincial. We were a little worried about not having reservations, but it turned out not to be an issue. There are many campgrounds here and finding a site was no problem.