Like Letchworth, we had heard a lot about this park over the years. Being about an hour from the city I had my reservations. When we arrived, we scored a site about 40 feet from North Lake . The park was beautifully manicured and everyone was very friendly. The lake and the surrounding views were gorgeous. This was to be our last stop on the way home an it was a great way to end our three week adventure. We spent two days doing some great little hikes and a bit of kayaking. I honestly have to say, that two of the hikes that we did were the most rewarding of the trip. And when I say little hikes, I mean little. Neither of them were over a half of mile, yet they rewarded us with an awesome waterfall and an epic view.

Family Reunion Camping Style

It has become a tradition that at least one leg of our trips include a stop to see family. We have done this in Arizona, California, Colorado, and now right here in NY.  My cousin Karla her family and my Gruncle Bill were all camping at Deer Run campground around Saratoga Springs, NY. We made plans last week to join them there for the 4th of July.  We don’t get to see Karla enough and we hardly ever get see my Uncle Bill anymore. Recently he bought an older motorhome and is trying out the camping lifestyle. It seems perfect for him. There must be something in our genes that makes us enjoy that which is difficult. When I arrived at his campsite, I found him covered in grease working on his generator, yet he looked happier than a pig in poop. On older RV’s there is always something that needs fixing which is perfect for him.  We got to spend quality time with him, his daughter, son in law and grandkids.  My contribution to the party was a few racks of ribs that I cooked in my little weber smoker all day.  We had an awesome BBQ on the fourth and caught up on what everyone had been up to.  It was a great couple of days.