After a 6 hour drive and an hour delay at the border, we just wanted to get off the road. We found a campground right over the border called Campbell Bay Campground situated on Lake Champlain in the town of Swanton Vermont. This is a lesson on not judging a book by it’s cover. This  was a campground made up of mostly seasonal campers and locals, which have sometimes proved to be problematic.

Our site was right on the lake. For $25 a night including electric and water, it was a bargain. Sure there were people all around us in campers that may or may not have doubled as meth labs, but the view forward to the water was great. We were within a hundred feet of a put in spot for our Kayaks and the fishing looked terrific. People were coming in with boatloads of fish all day.   The locals were a friendly bunch with an interesting language that was a mix of French, English and a ton of curse words. Every sentence had to contain a least one curse word with the F Bomb being the most common. As I sit here and write this, out campsite has been invaded by a fat old black lab whose nose found his way into one of our open compartments. He sniffed out and stole a nerf football that he refuses to give back. He may be part pitbull because while very docile, his jaw is just ridiculously strong. . He is sitting at my side ripping it to shreds and there is nothing I can do about.

After he tore apart our football, he promptly proceeded to another campsite to bring me a replacement. Within minutes, he was back with a bright yellow inflatable ball. He proceeded to sit at my feet and pop it just to exert his dominance over me. Kristi later saw him at the laundry room with yet a third ball that he acquired somewhere. I kinda like this Dog.


So yes, the place is a bit of a dump, but it is also in a prime spot for exploring the area, fishing, kayaking, and relaxing. I thought we would pack it up after a day, but it now looks like we are spending three. I have ribs on the smoker, a cold citrus IPA in hand and a fat old black lab at my feet. Life is good.

Pretty awesome rainbow

After all was said and done, we spent 3 days here and really came to enjoy this place. Today, we rented a pontoon boat and spent the morning fishing. We pretty much killed it, catching two or three of almost everything that Lake Champlain had to offer.  For dinner we headed to Burlington for an epic meal. MY friend Jeff turned my onto a restaurant called Hen Of The Wood . This was a farm to table place with a menu that changed nightly.  We had rabbit, local cheeses, heritage pork, and some of the best beer known to man ( Heady Topper) We all agreed that this was hands down the best meal that we had had in our entire lives.  I may sold on this whole farm to table movement!  If you do, get reservations far in advance. It is a very popular place.